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Tony: I ain’t talking.

Bucky: [sharpens his knive] I got ways of making people talk.

[Bucky cuts a piece of cake]

Tony: Can I have some?

Bucky: Cake is for talkers.

Bucky: Has anyone ever told you that you’re a little dramatic?

Tony: [offended] A little?!

Bucky: [to injured Tony] Doll… Are you alright? 

Tony: I’m just peachy! I heard torture is really good for your bones.

Bucky: Eh… We should get a torture room back in the tower then! Practice with the tools! A little heretics fork for your neck!

Tony: Ahahaha! Iron maiden for a little massage! 

Bucky: Pilliwinks for manicure! 

Tony: And if your muscle hurt just relax on our dreaded rack! [winces] Ow, ow… Hurts. Don’t make me laugh!

Bucky: Ugh… Those look pretty bad, you know. You sure you are still gonna be pretty after all this.

Tony: Hey!!

Bucky: Gorgeous…

Tony: Not very gorgeous now, thanks to these wounds…

Bucky: Don’t be absurd, you are way hotter with the wounds! I swear if you weren’t in pain right now, I would-

Peter: [appears] …

Bucky: Cuddle you all night!

Tony: [laughing] Oooh! What else, what else? Do you think we can maybe… Hold hands too?



Tony: Why am I in a shorts?

Bucky: We’re in the tropics…

Tony: How did I get into the shorts, Barnes?

Bucky: Tony… I have been trained to disable a bomb in the pitch black with nothing but a Junior Mint and a tooth pick. I think I can get you in and out of some clothes without… looking… I’m not saying that’s what I did.

I want someone to write a story around this, just some how find a way to fit this as a main plot point or a turning point. Like should Tony be aroused or scared with the fact that Bucky could strip him and he wouldn’t even know.


Bucky: I don’t know whether to laugh or shoot you.

Tony: Surprise me.

Bucky: You’re speaking and yet I don’t understand a single word.

Tony: I get that a lot. Why don’t you talk and I’ll listen?

Tony: The moon is really beautiful tonight.

Bucky: It really is.

Steve: Should we tell them that’s just a tortilla you threw at the window?

Natasha: ..No.

Tony: I could honestly go for a snack right now…

Bucky: [bursting into the room] You called?