Category: winter soldier

Bucky: [squishing Tony’s face between two pieces of bread, idiot sandwich style] What are you?

Tony: A snack.

Bucky: No.

Bucky: [to Bruce and Steve] I accidentally drank Tony’s coffee, how long do you guys think, I’ll live?

Tony: [from behind Bucky] Ten.

Bucky: Ten what?!?!

Tony: Nine…

Bucky: You have a nice ass…

Tony: …

Bucky: …et. You have nice assets!

Tony: Are you mad?

Bucky: No.

Tony: So sharpening daggers at 2AM is just a hobby?

Bucky: There are easier ways of doing this, you know?

Tony: Yeah, but none of them are quite as fun, are they?

Tony: You’ve gone awfully quiet, was I getting too annoying complaining about what they did? I can stop if you’d like.

Bucky: Mm, no no….I’m just plotting their murder is all. Continue.

Bucky: …Who did this to you?

Tony: Promise me that if I tell you, you wont go after them.

Natasha: [on the phone with Tony] So you’ve kissed Bucky how many times?

Natasha: … Yeah, that’s technically not a bromance.