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Bucky: Steve, I have a crush… On Tony.

Steve: Same.

Bucky: …What?

Clint: Get with the times, Barnes. Everybody has a crush on Stark.


Tony: [texting] Bring me pizza and we can snuggle and watch Netflix.

Bucky: Are you asking for Netflix & chill?

Tony: I’m asking for pizza and dick.


Tony: [standing outside of Steve’s window holding a sign that says “GALA?”]

Bucky: [leaning out the window] Oh my God! Yes!

Tony: No! Tell Steve!

Bucky: Stevie, I’m going to the gala with your boyfriend!


Tony: [looking at Bucky] Omg, did you see his cheekbones? Did you see his fucking cheekbones?!


Bucky: You know what? I don’t have to stand here and take this crap.

Tony: Where the hell do you think you’re going?

Bucky: Isn’t sex after fighting kind of what we do now?

Tony: Well, kind of, yeah.



Tony: [he froze after someone grabbed his hand]

Winter: Relax, just me.

Tony: Funnily enough that was my “worst case” scenario.


Tony: But Winter you promise you wouldn’t kill eveyone!

[Tony saw mass body of villian’s henchmen]

Tony: You killed everyone!


Tony: [getting ideas to smother friends in gifts] What is it that you desire most?

Bucky: You.

Tony: Oh-

Bucky: I’m gay.


Quill: [flirts with Tony]

Bucky: [staring at them silently]

Sam: You’re really quiet today, Barnes.

Bucky: [still staring] Nobody plans a murder out loud.


Bucky: I’m looking for my friends Tony and Steve.

Person: Can you describe them?

Bucky: One is stunningly beautiful man with dark hair and a fierceness that’s both scary and inspiring. The other’s a blonde punk.