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Tony: Wow, your hands are so big.

Bucky: You know what else is big?

Tony: …What?

Bucky: My love for you.

Tony: … Well, that was better than I expected.

Tony: I have a plan.

Bucky: It can’t involve self-sacrifice.

Tony: I no longer have a plan.


Maria: I spoke with Howard. He’s quite perturbed you’re still languishing in Massachusetts with this Barnes fellow.

Tony: What?

Maria: I know he wasn’t the most demonstrative, but he is quite proud of your achievements at MIT, and he’d imagined that once you had graduated, you’d return to SI. Perhaps even show a little gratitude.

Tony: Early onset dimentia is so sad.

Bucky: What’s for dessert?

Tony: [mindlessly answering] My ass.

Bucky: Okay.

Tony: Wait, what?

Tony: What makes you think I’m flirting with you?

Bucky: Why are you naked on my bed?!

Tony: … Don’t change the subject.

Bucky: Why do you make it so hard for me to flirt with you?

Tony: Because if I made it easy you wouldn’t flirt anymore.

Tony: Believe it or not that’s the first time I cooked.

Bucky: [trying not to choke] So hard to believe.

Officiant: Repeat after me, “I, Anthony, take Virginia Potts to be my wife.”

Tony: I, Tony, take Bucky Barnes-

Officiant: What

Pepper: What

Steve: What

Natasha: What

Bruce: What

Bucky: Get me a fucking dress!

Bucky: Is it still a murder if I give them a heads up?

Tony: That’s called a threat, Buckster.

Bucky: Fuck…

Tony: [trips and lands into Bucky’s lap] Oh, I’m so sorry.

Bucky: No, it’s okay.

Tony: [snuggling into Bucky’s chest] I’m soooo clumsy…