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Bucky: Has anyone ever told you that you’re a little dramatic?

Tony: [offended] A little?!

Tony: [gives Steve a box] It’s what I was gonna wear on our honeymoon night.

Steve: There’s nothing in here but lip gloss.

Tony: [smiles] Suffer.

Loki: Lies are like children.

Tony: Explain.

Loki: They’re hard work but they’re worth it because the future depends on them.

[playing truth or dare ]

Steve: What’s the worst decision you’ve made while drunk?

Tony: Don’t mean to brag but I don’t need alcohol to make really bad decisions.

Sam: I’m sure Stark likes mysterious guys.

Steve: Oh, okay.


Tony: Where are you going?

Steve: That’s none of your business, Stark.

Tony: Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy amazing suits.

Steve: Do the suits make you happy?

Tony: The suits mask my internal emotional mess.

Steve: …

Tony: In an incredibly stylish way.



Bucky: [to injured Tony] Doll… Are you alright? 

Tony: I’m just peachy! I heard torture is really good for your bones.

Bucky: Eh… We should get a torture room back in the tower then! Practice with the tools! A little heretics fork for your neck!

Tony: Ahahaha! Iron maiden for a little massage! 

Bucky: Pilliwinks for manicure! 

Tony: And if your muscle hurt just relax on our dreaded rack! [winces] Ow, ow… Hurts. Don’t make me laugh!

Bucky: Ugh… Those look pretty bad, you know. You sure you are still gonna be pretty after all this.

Tony: Hey!!

Pepper: [after Tony nearly died] Idiot!

Tony: Stop yelling at me…

Pepper: Somebody has to!

Tony: I’m sorry.

Bucky: Gorgeous…

Tony: Not very gorgeous now, thanks to these wounds…

Bucky: Don’t be absurd, you are way hotter with the wounds! I swear if you weren’t in pain right now, I would-

Peter: [appears] …

Bucky: Cuddle you all night!

Tony: [laughing] Oooh! What else, what else? Do you think we can maybe… Hold hands too?