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“Text said ‘wear a suit’ and now I realize it was…swimsuit.” || Robert Downey Jr. for OnePlus

Are we sure this didn’t happen in canon to Tony stark??


Tony: I’m gonna do it.

Bruce: Please don’t.

Tony: I’m doing it.

Bruce: Oh god.

Peter: Anyone who owns a salt lamp and says they never licked it is a liar and can’t be trusted!

Tony: …

Tony: What the fuck, Peter…?

can’t say im surprised

This made me smile. I think we could all use a smile right now

Tony: It’s LITERALLY on the way??

Kidnapper: We are NOT stopping for cheeseburgers!

Tony: I went into the lounge the other day and there was blood all over my nice new couch.

Loki: Which one, the red one?


Tony: Well, it’s red now, yeah.

Steve: [looking at the gift Tony bought for Clint and Laura] I don’t think this is what they meant when they told us to surprise them.

Tony: Well then they should have been clearer.

Bucky: [to Bruce and Steve] I accidentally drank Tony’s coffee, how long do you guys think, I’ll live?

Tony: [from behind Bucky] Ten.

Bucky: Ten what?!?!

Tony: Nine…