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Bucky: I sent good vibes your way. They are coming. There is nothing you can do to stop them.

Tony: …this is the most threatening way I’ve ever been cheered up.


Peter: Mr. Barnes, how do I ask someone out?

Bucky: Well, first you-

Tony: No, don’t ask him. He asked me out in the loo.

Peter: And you said yes?


Tony: I don’t need to go to bed. I’m not tired. I’ll be fine.

Bucky: But, Doll, I’ll be so lonely without you. Come curl up in my arms so I can feel whole again.

Tony: O-oh. Well. Are you trying to seduce me into healthy sleeping patterns?

Bucky: Is it working?


Tony: [talking excitedly to Bucky]

Bucky: [listening while gazing fondly at him]

Tony: …I’m sorry. I’m rambling, aren’t I? People say I talk too much. Just tell me if I start to get annoying.

Bucky: You’re not annoying. And I love listening to you. Talk all you want, Doll.

Bucky: [internally] I’m going to murder whoever told him that he talks too much.


Tony: I think my instincts about people are way better than yours.

Bucky: Why do you say that?

Tony: Well, you picked me, but I picked you.


Tony: Can we not do this in front of our friends?

Bucky: Friends? I only tolerate Sam and Clint is basically a pet.


Bucky: Shouldn’t you be sleeping?

Tony: In your bed with you? Yes.


Tony: But how am I supposed to choose just one friend?

Bucky: Throw them in a lake and see who bobs to the surface first.


Tony: Don’t tell me what to do.

Bucky: Blow me.

Tony: Okay, tell me what to do.


Bucky: Sex is not dating.

Tony: If it were, Barnes and I would be dating.