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Tony: Ow!

Steve: [concerned] What happened?

Tony: Oh, I just fell for you so hard it hurt.

Steve: But you didn’t actually fall, you’re still standing.

Tony: [falls dramatically]


Bucky: Just act mature.

Steve: Okay.

[later on a date]

Tony: So what do you do for fun?

Steve: My taxes.


Tony: [half asleep, in a heavy British accent] Don’t worry, it’s getting better.

Steve: Why are you British?

Tony: [in an Australian accent] Sorry, it’s getting better.

Steve: Why are you Australian?

Tony: What is he normally?

Steve: He? You’re not anyone else, you’re you.

Tony: [in his actual accent] Ugh, me.


Steve: [just got done telling Clint what happened]

Clint: I’m pretty sure you just thwarted a possession.


Priest: Now Tony, repeat after me. I Tony…

Tony: I Tony…

Priest: Take thee, Stephen…

Tony: Take thee, Steven…


[Steve doesn’t take Tony’s impending wedding to  Dr Strange really well]

Steve: [rambling to Sam] I mean, hey, I like Tony as much as the next guy, you know. Clearly, I have feelings for him but feelings don’t mean love. You know, do I still have loving feelings for Tony? Yeah. But that doesn’t mean I am still IN love with him. I mean, I have sexual feelings for him but I DO love him…Oh my God. Why didn’t you tell me?!

Sam: We thought you knew!

Steve: WE?!

Sam: Yeah, we all know, we talk about it all the time!


Tony: [glaring] You did it again.

Steve: [just trying to eat his breakfast in peace] Did what?

Tony: You took another breath.


Steve: You…have a face.

Tony: Yes. Yes, I do.


I mean, a nice face. You have a nice face.


Thanks, I think.


Please just accept my attempt at flirting. I don’t know what I’m doing.


Steve: You didn’t have a happy childhood?

Tony: My favorite toy was a blowtorch. You finish the puzzle.


Tony: Who the actual fuck?

Steve: Language!

Tony: Whomst the actual sexual intercourse.

Steve: What?