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Steve: Do you like my outfit?

Tony: Not as much as I like what’s underneath it.

Steve: Tony!

Tony: No, I need your chair. Get up.


Bucky: Steve, I have a crush… On Tony.

Steve: Same.

Bucky: …What?

Clint: Get with the times, Barnes. Everybody has a crush on Stark.


Tony: The suit looks great on you. It would look better on the floor.

Steve: That would wrinkle the suit.


Tony: [standing outside of Steve’s window holding a sign that says “GALA?”]

Bucky: [leaning out the window] Oh my God! Yes!

Tony: No! Tell Steve!

Bucky: Stevie, I’m going to the gala with your boyfriend!


um…Y E S


Tony: And now here’s my presentation on why Bucky is the hottest Avenger.

Steve: Tony, this is a meeting to discuss battle plans.

Bucky: No, wait! Let him talk.




Tony: And now welcome to the first annual affection games, remember this fight is to the surrender not the death. If you kill someone you’re disqualified.

Everyone: [grumbles unintelligible curses under their breath]

Tony: [continuing his introduction] Winner will get 5 kisses and a movie night of cuddles.

Bucky: Y’all are going down.

Steve: You wish! I’m winning this obviously.

Loki: Foolish mortals, do you truly believe you can beat a god?

Pepper: [glares at them all until they back off, then carries Tony away bridal style into the sunset]

A Pepper vs. Steve fight would be hilarious

Steve: Ma’am I really don’t want to hurt you

Pepper: Then don’t.

Steve: I can’t quit, my mama didn’t raise me to quit.

Pepper: So she raised a man who hits women.

Steve: Wha- no absolutely not.

Pepper: Than how do you plan to win this fight?

Steve: I surrender I guess?