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Peter: So tell me, when exactly will I be allowed to hang out with Wade?
Tony: When I’m dead. Plus three days, just to make sure I’m dead.

Maybe I should pursue a degree in Divination?


Sam: [about Tony]  Why does he always look like he’s walking in slow-mo?

Bucky: You see it too?

Sam: And he always looks disheveled, but not too disheveled.

Bucky: Right? He’s the reason I believe in God.


Tony: [appears in Bucky’s field of vision]
Bucky: [internally] My favorite genius has arrived. He’s cute and smart and my favorite. I must greet thim in a manner indicative of my appreciation for his existence.
Bucky: Hey nerd.


Steve: I do romantic things for you all the time. Can you even name one romantic thing you’ve done for me?

Tony: I can name tons!

Steve: Sex doesn’t count.

Tony: Damn it!


Steve: If anything goes wrong I just want you to know…

Tony: If you’re going to say that you’ve always secretly been gay for me, everybody just kind of assumed it.


Tony: Wow, you’re glowing…

Wanda: Thank you.

Tony: No, Wanda, you’re really glowing! You’re red!


Bucky: I’m crazy about you. I think we should be together. What do you say?

Tony: Yes. No. Maybe.

Bucky: Those are the three options.


Steve: Okay, I gotta say something. I think my feelings for Tony may be resurfacing.

Sam: Oh, please, they were buried in a shallow grave.


Bucky: You don’t feel weird when I watch you?
Tony: Barnes, I feel weird when you’re just TALKING to me, when you’re watching me it’s just like the weird frosting on the big weirdo cake.