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Bucky: I’m crazy about you. I think we should be together. What do you say?

Tony: Yes. No. Maybe.

Bucky: Those are the three options.


Steve: Okay, I gotta say something. I think my feelings for Tony may be resurfacing.

Sam: Oh, please, they were buried in a shallow grave.


Bucky: You don’t feel weird when I watch you?
Tony: Barnes, I feel weird when you’re just TALKING to me, when you’re watching me it’s just like the weird frosting on the big weirdo cake.


Steve: Okay, you and Clint follow Crossbones.

Natasha: Right, and you and Tony follow your hearts.

Steve: No, we’re gonna stay with Reaper–

Natasha: –and each other forever.

Steve: Come on!


Tony: [holds up leg] Feel my leg I shaved.

Bucky: [gently stokes] Holy shit…

Steve: Guys. We. Are. Under. Attack. This Is Not The Time.

Wait, what do you mean by saying that it wasn’t like that? *denial on*


Tony: [high on painkillers after being rescued by Winter Soldier] My name’s Tony. What’s your name?

Winter: Winter.

Tony: What a pretty name. We’re gonna be bestest friends.

Winter: You’re very small and weak. If anythin’ bigger than a squirrel wanted to hurt you, you wouldn’t stand much of a chance… Guess I’ll have to protect you.

Tony: I love you too!

Dialogue is from an amazing comic made by @pet-foolery

Tony: Don’t talk down to me.
Bucky: Well, I could hardly talk up to you. You’re too short.


Loki: Hello, Stark.
Tony: Loki?

I’ll wager you never thought you’d see me again.

Beginning of the Endgame…


Tony: Hold on you died.

Loki: Yeah, well it didn’t stick.