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Bucky: I’ve been keeping an eye on Tony.

Sam: You mean stalking him.

Bucky: The language of most stalking laws is pretty vague. I like to think of myself more as a guardian angel.

Sam: Why Steve and Tony are sitting with their backs to each other?

Natasha: They had a fight.

Sam: But they’re holding hands?

Natasha: Tony gets sad when they fight.

Sam: I’m sure Stark likes mysterious guys.

Steve: Oh, okay.


Tony: Where are you going?

Steve: That’s none of your business, Stark.

[Sam and Steve texting]

Sam: So, are you and Tony going on a date tonight?

Steve: Yeah, we’re gonna bang at the park for a while and go for some ice cream.

Sam: Um, should you not do that somewhere more private?

Steve: HANG!



Sam: I wish I could.

Steve: I LOST TONY! 

Bucky: Well, he’s small.

Sam: Did you check behind a potted plant?

Bucky: Or perhaps a family sized can of tomatoes?

Quill: [flirts with Tony]

Bucky: [staring at them silently]

Sam: You’re really quiet today, Barnes.

Bucky: [still staring] Nobody plans a murder out loud.

Sam: [looking at Tony and Pepper who hug for last ten minutes] What’s the matter with them? 

Bucky: I don’t know. I think maybe one of them is dying. I kind of hope it’s the girl.

Sam: [stares at him]

Bucky: The guy is really cute!