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Tony: [appears in Bucky’s field of vision]
Bucky: [internally] My favorite genius has arrived. He’s cute and smart and my favorite. I must greet thim in a manner indicative of my appreciation for his existence.
Bucky: Hey nerd.

Tony: [interanlly] oh gosh the sexy murder kitten! I gotta respond in a super cool, totally flirtatious way.

Tony: Sup.

Tony: [interanlly] nailed it!



It’s a stupid poll I know! But it’s still E!News and it’s gonna get announced at the awards show tomorrow lmao 

C’mon Tony Stans, we seriously gonna let Jeniffer Aniston joining instagram be the pop culture moment of 2019 instead of Tony Stark who we’ve loved for 10 years sacrificing himself huh??? 👇

We are closing in!! Thanks guys for voting🥺✨

Do it for Tony!! C’mon!! Go Go

Go, do it for our Tiny Snark! There’s still time!


Careful Robert, someone is watching…

Someone is jealous~


Tony and Bucky only text in memes





Tony: Did you know that Gatorade and rum go really well together.

Bucky: Are you doing depressed science again?

Tony: Maybe…

Well, he’s doing depressed science most of the time…




*falls off roof* 💕

Oh look it’s back xD


The thing I hate about Tony Stark is that he’s dead. That bitch really just decided to sacrifice himself and snapped ???? The audacity????? So rude????? Didn’t even ask how everyone would feel??? I didn’t authorise that and he did it anyway what an asshole?? I expect a full resurrection by 9am tomorrow in my office. Fix this, bitch.

OK, I agree.





Tony: I could get killed. Or even worse, Cap could give me a lecture on responsibility again.

That’s not worse @tony-stark-speaks you dying is worse. How many times do I have to tell you that your safety is important and you need to take more responsibly on taking care of yourself on and off the field.

@steve-rogers-speaks Cap um… yeah this is what I’m talking about

@tony-stark-speaks I…. Well still you need to take better care of yourself, then maybe I wouldn’t have to lecture you as much.





Tony: From now on, we will be using codenames. You can address me as Eagle 1.

Tony: Steve is “Been There, Done That”.

Tony: Bucky is “Currently Doing That”.

Tony: T’Challa is “It Happened Once in a Dream”.

Tony: Natasha code name is “If I Had To Pick a Girl”.

Tony: Sam is “Eagle Two”.

Sam: Oh thank God.

Me to Tony: What about Rhodes?

Tony: Rhodey is Honey Bear, we all know that.



Bucky: May I buy you a drink?

Tony: Alcohol is bad for my legs.

Bucky: Do they swell?

Tony: No, they spread.

@incorrecttonyxeveryonequotes thought you might like!! Lol

I don’t like it, I love it xD