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tony, seductively: take me, steve.

steve: where? i’m low on gas and you need a jacket.





Tony: [appears in Bucky’s field of vision]
Bucky: [internally] My favorite genius has arrived. He’s cute and smart and my favorite. I must greet thim in a manner indicative of my appreciation for his existence.
Bucky: Hey nerd.

Tony: [interanlly] oh gosh the sexy murder kitten! I gotta respond in a super cool, totally flirtatious way.

Tony: Sup.

Tony: [interanlly] nailed it!

This reminds of of a fic except it was Winter, not Bucky

I need more information than that! XD Preferably title or author.


a bard with "fandom" over his face asks "and then what happened?"
a man with "canon" over his face says "he died."
the bard, with "fanfic writers" over his face says, "eh, he'll be fine."

Ehh, Tony’s fine.



Steve: the more y’s someone uses in “hey”, the more interested they are in you.

Steve: that being said…heyyyyyy 🙂

Tony: He



steve: buck, you just gotta try your best and say it! just confess your love and you’ll be fine!

bucky: if you say so…


tony: *walks into the room*

bucky: *trying his best* I CONFESS MY LOVE FOR YOU KISS ME


tony: *walks back out of the room*

bucky: no bby pls

He panicked…


Tony: So, what do you want to do tonight?

Bucky: World domination.


Tony: Uh, okay… at least let me have an alibi handy.

Bucky: You don’t need one. After all, you’re my world, Tony.

Tony: … 🥰

Tony: WAIT


Tony: oh kiss my ass jacka- did you seriously just kiss my- nope not even going to finish that sentence. I have been in stranger situations than this. Ok Bucky seriously stop it!

Bucky: *rips Tony’s pants and boxers off* sorry what?



Poor Lokes, he made the effort, dressed up and everything, and all he gets is abuse xD

(Had to edit it because I forgot about Tony’s stache xD)



Happy Holidays y’all! 



“The Tony Snap, that was challenging, in that we knew the emotional weight that that was gonna carry…so technically, having the background in there, that was not a problem, but finding the right tone of the tendrils of the Infinity Stones eating away at the suit as the suit is struggling and fighting to protect Tony and you know in that moment that he’s not powerful enough to withstand what’s coming, and to be able to portray that in a very quiet visual way.”

 Jen Underdahl, Visual Effects Producer