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Bucky: You know what? I don’t have to stand here and take this crap.

Tony: Where the hell do you think you’re going?

Bucky: Isn’t sex after fighting kind of what we do now?

Tony: Well, kind of, yeah.


Steve: Come on. Let’s get you to bed. You’ve had a lot to drink.

Tony: No more than Thor.

Steve: That’s what I’m saying.


Rhodey: How’s dating two men going?

Tony: Umm, kinda hit a bump. When I was honest and told Bucky he wasn’t the only person I was seeing, it went great. So I tried the same thing with Steve.

Rhodey: And?

Tony: He had mixed feelings. But when I said “Bucky was cool with it,

Bucky’s the best, why can’t you be more like

Bucky?”, those feelings became less mixed.


Rhodey: [urging Bucky to get back together with Tony] Please, please, please don’t give up on him!

Bucky: What?

Rhodey: I can’t go back to the model idiots, the white rappers, and all those sweaty dumb-asses with their backwards hats.

Bucky: I don’t know if it’s in the cards, sir.

Rhodey: Then stack the deck! Cheat! Lie! I don’t care!


Steve: So, tell me about your day, how’s it going with the particle detector?

Tony: Wow, you remember that?

Steve: Yeah, I listen to what you say. You’re building a particle detector using superfluid helium.

Tony: You know, when you talk like that, I want to take you right here on this table.

Steve: And you know from past experience this table cannot support both our weight. So, how’s the detector going?


Steve: “Dear Pepper, thank you so much for the lovely place setting. If my handwriting looks strained, that is because this is the 16th thank you card Steve has forced me to write. The muscles in my wrist are cramping as I struggle to finish this sentence. Ow, ow, oh, the pain. Love, Tony.”

Tony: Fine. “And Steve.” Ow.


Steve: Hey, you guys have any plans for Valentine’s Day?

Bucky: Three months from now? No.

Tony: What, no?

Bucky: I mean, secret romantic plans that would be ruined if I told you.


Tony: How’s this for a compromise; make all the schedules you want. Just don’t tell me about them.

Bruce: Excellent. I’ll create an algorithm that’ll generate a pseudo-random schedule. And do you know why it won’t be a true random schedule?


Because the generation of true random numbers remains an unsolved problem in computer science.


Come with me.


Where are we going?


To the Hotel room. And when we get there I’m gonna need you to say that again, except naked.


Clint: And as long as we’re talking about betraying our friends, how about the month Tony spent grinding up insects and mixing them into Bruce’s food?

Tony: Excuse me! That was not a betrayal. That was an experiment to see at what concentration food starts tasting… mothy.

Bruce: You put moths in my food?!

Tony: For science!


Steve: [about getting back with Tony] I’ll give it a shot.

Rhodey: Thank you. Now I’m going to do something here to help you along.


Excuse me?


Just don’t panic. Now, get your sorry, lying ass out of my face and make sure I never see it again!


Oh, the reverse psychology thing. I see. That’s very clever.


Don’t yap. Just get out.


I’ll friend you on Facebook.