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Tony: What are we gonna do?

Bucky: Aw, what are you worried about? You’re so small that they probably won’t even see you.

Tony: Seriously, Barnes? Is this really the time to be making short jokes?

Bucky: Doll, there’s never not a time, because just like you, life is short.

Steve: I LOST TONY! 

Bucky: Well, he’s small.

Sam: Did you check behind a potted plant?

Bucky: Or perhaps a family sized can of tomatoes?

Clint: I’m pranking Scott

for April Fool’s Day.

Tony: It’s November.

Clint: Yeah, exactly! April’s when people expect to be pranked, but if I do it today – WHAMO! It’s like a baby with a mustache you don’t see coming.

[Bucky is lying on the ground, injured]

Bucky: [outstretches his arm] Tony…

Tony: [clasps his hand] What is it Buckaroo?

Bucky: Tony, if… if I die…

Tony: I won’t let that happen-

Bucky: Just listen… if… if I die…

Bucky: [whispers] I’ll still be taller than you

Tony: I’m a responsible adult.

Pepper: [raises an eyebrow]

Tony: I’m an adult.