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Natasha: So how’d it go down between you and Ross?

Tony: I made an impromptu presentation using a four-prong approach which really brought him to his knees.

Natasha: You hit him with a chair?

Tony: Yes.

Natasha: Do you have a crush on Tony?

Steve: No.

Natasha: Does he know you have a crush on him?

Steve: No.

Natasha: [smiles]

Natasha: So, you’re gay?

Tony: Obviously, I’m not gay.

Natasha: You’re having a romantic relationship with Steve.

Tony: You got me there.

Tony: The moon is really beautiful tonight.

Bucky: It really is.

Steve: Should we tell them that’s just a tortilla you threw at the window?

Natasha: ..No.

Tony: No, don’t do that, that’s a stupid idea!

Steve: No, it’s a fantastic idea. Come on, live a little!

Clint: [to Natasha] So… They’ve been body-swapped?

Non-power AU

Tony: [Steve is singing “L’Chaim” at the bar] I can’t believe it! What got into him?

Natasha: Oh, maybe a couple of virgin Cuba Libres that turned out to be kinda slutty.

Tony: You didn’t.

Natasha: Hey, you do your experiments, I do mine.

How is this even a question

Natasha: Can you focus on what we’re talking about?

Tony: All right. Look, now, this may be the rum talking, but as long as the unpinning rate of the vortices is kept within 1.1 and 1.3, the Magnus force issue should be negligible.

Scott: Even drunk, he’s still smarter than all of us.

Natasha: [looking at her phone] Oh, it’s Clint. He says Steve’s drunk and they’re gonna do karaoke if we want to join them.

Natasha: That sounds fun.

Tony: Oh, no. Steve’s drunk texting me.

Bruce: What’s it say?

Tony: "Would you like to sing karaoke with us.“

Bruce: How is that a drunk text?

Tony: He used a period instead of a question mark. He’s so wasted.