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Natasha: Hey Tony, nice top.

Tony: Oh this old thing? Thanks.

Steve: I have a name.

Natasha: What?

Tony: What?

Steve: … Uh…

Officiant: Repeat after me, “I, Anthony, take Virginia Potts to be my wife.”

Tony: I, Tony, take Bucky Barnes-

Officiant: What

Pepper: What

Steve: What

Natasha: What

Bruce: What

Bucky: Get me a fucking dress!

Natasha: So? How’s Clint?

Tony: Bad news.

Steve: No…

Tony: [steps to the side to reveal Clint] He’s still alive.

[after a debrief]

Steve: Hey, Tony. Really good job back there. It took guts.

Tony: Thanks, Steve.

[long moment of silence]

Steve: Tony?

Tony: Yes?

Steve: I would like to ask you…what i really want to ask you…

Natasha: For God’s sake! He wants you to go out with him!

Natasha: Let me just try this lipstick on you.

Tony: Are you kidding?! No way! That’s not my color!

Tony: [drunk, pointing at Steve] That’s my boyfriend, suckers!

Natasha: Your husband, Tony.

Tony: My husband! Even better!

[Steve and Tony are making out in a broom closet]

Steve: Hold on, someone’s coming!

[they keep very quiet until the footsteps fade and then they continue making out]

[in the corridor]

Clint: They still think we don’t know, don’t they?

Natasha: Yes. Yes, they do.

Sam: Why Steve and Tony are sitting with their backs to each other?

Natasha: They had a fight.

Sam: But they’re holding hands?

Natasha: Tony gets sad when they fight.

Natasha: So how’d it go down between you and Ross?

Tony: I made an impromptu presentation using a four-prong approach which really brought him to his knees.

Natasha: You hit him with a chair?

Tony: Yes.