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Natasha: What were you doing at Tony’s?

Steve: Well, we had dinner, played some games, and then I spent the night. Oh, you’ll be happy to know that I now have a much better understanding of “friends with benefits.”


Clint: What do you say, Tony?

Tony: I say, Vegas, baby!

Natasha: What are you gonna tell Steve?

Tony: Sea World, baby!


Natasha: I know that. But to be fair, I’ve spent nine months helping Laura get ready for this baby, and Clint spent five minutes conceiving it. And I’m being generous.

Steve: [to Tony] Five minutes? We must be doing it wrong. It took us hours.

Tony: [smiles]


Tony: Look at Fury. He’s pacing slowly. For him, that’s like a full on rage fueled freak out.

Natasha: The only thing worse is when he stands perfectly still.

Clint: Oh, no. He’s standing perfectly still.


Steve: Why is Tony crying on the floor?

Natasha: He’s drunk.

Steve: And…

Natasha: He saw a picture of Bucky’s boyfriend.

Steve: …But he is Bucky’s boyfriend.

Natasha: I fucking know.


Natasha: Hey Yasha, what were you doing last night?

Bucky: I was cooking food.

Tony: [entering] Hi guys!

Natasha: Hi food.


Am I the only one who feels that it’s too late to give us a black widow movie? We literally spent years begging for it and no response but after the success of Wonder Woman marvel is suddenly ready to give us female superhero movies. I know it would be amazing and I guess I’m just salty because it should’ve happened years ago.



Steve: I hate you.

Tony: I hate you too.

Steve: I hate you more.

Tony: No, I hate you more.

Clint: I know you want to marry each other, you fools! Just do it! Marry each other and adopt children and a movie about how you two met and write a book too!



Clint: Do it!

Tony: Propose me!

Steve: Marry me?

Tony: Do it right.

Natasha: [gives Tony a terrifying smile]

Tony: I-I mean… Yes, now let’s adopt kids and do a movie and write a book and die together.


Tony: Natasha is one badass, crazy, super bitch

Natasha: [sneaking up behind him] Tony if you just said I am one badass, crazy, super bitch you are correct.