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Tony: I went into the lounge the other day and there was blood all over my nice new couch.

Loki: Which one, the red one?


Tony: Well, it’s red now, yeah.

Loki: I’d kill for you. Please, ask me to kill for you.

Tony: Loki, no.

Tony: Why is there blood everywhere?!

Loki: I may or may not have aggressively poked someone with a knife.

Tony: You stabbed someone?!

Loki: No, no. I aggressively poked them with a knife.

Tony: I found out yesterday while Loki was helping me move that he constantly carries four knives on him at all times. It’s as natural as carrying around a wallet for him! He says that if anyone attacks him and takes his first knife, they’re in for a surprise. If they take his second knife, another surprise. His third knife? Buddy, you’re in for a treat. Another knife!

Loki: Another day down until the next fun surprise!

Tony: That sounds like a threat.

Loki: Not everything I say is a threat.

Loki: But this is.


Poor Lokes, he made the effort, dressed up and everything, and all he gets is abuse xD

(Had to edit it because I forgot about Tony’s stache xD)


[Loki and Tony see a dead body]

Tony: Friend of yours?

Loki: Must be. He’s dead.