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Tony: They say that Disney World is the “happiest place on earth”. Obviously, they’ve never been in your arms.

Loki: That’s sweet and all, but what’s a Disney World?

Tony: That was Pete’s school calling. Apparently, he’s been using some very creative language today.

Loki: Oh. Do tell.

Tony: Well, he called his math homework a “cluster duck” and his teacher a “mother flunker.”

LLoki: Did he not call anyone a “sock sucker”? What? It’s just someone who sucks socks.

Tony: I can’t believe you’re teaching my son loophole swear words.

Loki: In my defense, “mother flunker” was entirely the little deviant’s creation. And very clever of him, I might add.

Loki: Isn’t it time we kissed and made up?

Tony: Or I could just rip your face off?

[after sex]

Tony: [referring to Loki helping protect the city] So, the Devil did a good deed today.

Loki: [chuckles] There’s no need to call it that. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Tony: [laughs] You know what I mean.

Loki: Mm.

Tony: What do you want from me? 

Loki: I’ve been watching you, Stark. 

Tony: You perv.

Tony: You know, you can solve your problems without threats.

Loki: Okay, but consider, I’m really, really good at threats.

Loki: Listen, beach, we got a problem here and-

Tony: Loki, what did you just say? 

Loki: … Beach?

Tony: Uh huh… And uh… How much time have you been spending with Peter?

Loki: Actually, I was watching make-up videos on youtube. I could give you cat-eye sharp enough to cut glass if you want.

No one is asking you to buy

Actually, they are- young people are the key demographic that superhero movies are marketed to

Tony: [sighs]

Loki: You bored?

Tony: Yeah.

Loki: Wanna start drama for no reason?

Tony: Yeah, why not..

Tony: I’ve decided to see Loki’s threat against my life as his flirting.

Bruce: How are you still alive?