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Tony: You know, you can solve your problems without threats.

Loki: Okay, but consider, I’m really, really good at threats.


Tony: And now welcome to the first annual affection games, remember this fight is to the surrender not the death. If you kill someone you’re disqualified.

Everyone: [grumbles unintelligible curses under their breath]

Tony: [continuing his introduction] Winner will get 5 kisses and a movie night of cuddles.

Bucky: Y’all are going down.

Steve: You wish! I’m winning this obviously.

Loki: Foolish mortals, do you truly believe you can beat a god?

Pepper: [glares at them all until they back off, then carries Tony away bridal style into the sunset]


Loki: Listen, beach, we got a problem here and-

Tony: Loki, what did you just say? 

Loki: … Beach?

Tony: Uh huh… And uh… How much time have you been spending with Peter?

Loki: Actually, I was watching make-up videos on youtube. I could give you cat-eye sharp enough to cut glass if you want.


Tony: [sighs]

Loki: You bored?

Tony: Yeah.

Loki: Wanna start drama for no reason?

Tony: Yeah, why not..


Tony: I’ve decided to see Loki’s threat against my life as his flirting.

Bruce: How are you still alive?  


Loki: I just could not get out of bed this morning.

Tony: Someone leave a big rock on your coffin again?


Loki: You can trust me.

Tony: I don’t even trust the way you just said I could trust you.


Loki: Why does everyone take an instant dislike to me?

Tony: It saves time.


Tony: [wearing a T-Shirt with “Never a diva. But occasionally a real dick.” on it] 

Loki: [wearing a T-Shirt with “Always a diva. Pretty often a real dick” on it]

Steve: Seriously? 


Tony: Just be yourself. Say something nice.

Loki: Which one? I can’t do both.