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Natasha: I hope you have a good explanation for this.

Tony: We have three.

Bucky: Pick your favourite.


Natasha: I mean, small animals are way more vicious. It’s because their anger has less space to be bottled up in.

Steve: That’s ridiculous. Give me one example of this.

Clint: Spiders.

Sam: Wasps.

Thor: Terriers.

Bucky: Tony.


Tony: Hey, you did great on the last getaway, but Steve’s pushing us to do something similar tomorrow. You think you can do that?
Bucky: [scoffs] Can a paring knife remove a human heart in under a minute?
Tony: Yes. I’ve seen it happen.


Bucky: I’m stone cold. Unbreakable. A true ice prince.

Tony: [smiles]

Bucky: I’m a mess. Someone help.


Bucky: So, basically, Tony ignores whatever you say and then does some random shit for no reason?

Steve: Yes, that about sums it up.


Bucky: Stark, you better go inside.

Tony: Come on, I can’t get kidnapped again. You just rescued me. That would be terrible plotting.


Tony: Look, Steve, I’m not gonna waste your time with some lame excuse about why we left you behind, all right? Just the truth.

Tony: Bucky and I were taken hostage by an Armenian biker gang and thrown on a cargo ship heading to Asia, but we’re back now. Don’t worry about it.


Bucky: You’re too skinny. Too much coffee, not enough pancakes.
Tony: I hope they put that on my tombstone.


Tony: Will you grab that jacket for me? The red one, please?

Bucky: I’m here to keep you alive, not help you shop.


[Bucky falls asleep]

Tony: [takes a selfie with him] Say “Winter Soldier”…

Bucky: Winter Soldier


[Tony freaks out]