Category: ironsoldier

Officiant: Repeat after me, “I, Anthony, take Virginia Potts to be my wife.”

Tony: I, Tony, take Bucky Barnes-

Officiant: What

Pepper: What

Steve: What

Natasha: What

Bruce: What

Bucky: Get me a fucking dress!

Bucky: Hey guys, Tony and I just got back from a fun run.

Tony: Fun run? Hydra’s agents chased us for 16 blocks!

Bucky: Great cardio.

Bucky: Is it still a murder if I give them a heads up?

Tony: That’s called a threat, Buckster.

Bucky: Fuck…

Tony: [trips and lands into Bucky’s lap] Oh, I’m so sorry.

Bucky: No, it’s okay.

Tony: [snuggling into Bucky’s chest] I’m soooo clumsy…

Clint: [to Steve: Cap, what’s your favorite type of guy?

Steve: [thinking about Tony] My husband.

Clint: [to Bucky] Barnes, what’s your favorite type of guy?

Bucky: Stevie’s husband.

[getting ready for a costume party]

Bucky: [wearing a full costume] Doll, we’re late, I thought you’d be ready by now.

Tony: [wearing his everyday clothes] I am ready.

Bucky: Really? Then tell me, what are you going as?

Tony: The love of your life.

Bucky: What are you doing?! You’re injured!

Tony: I don’t have time to be injured.

Bycky: You have two fractured ribs, a broken ankle, and a concussion!

Tony: It’s fine.

Bucky: It’s not fine.

Tony: [with his arm in the door of a vending machine] I’m the smartest, most skilled engineer in this place.

Bucky: Are you stuck in that candy machine?

Tony: I paid for my Rollos, I’m getting my Rollos.