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[After an argument between Tony and Clint]

Steve: You’ve got to apologize.

Tony: Why?

Steve: Because it’s the mature and adult thing to do.

Tony: How does that affect me?


Tony: I could get killed. Or even worse, Cap could give me a lecture on responsibility again.


Clint: [to Steve and Tony] Hey guys, I just discovered a new drug. It’s called “Your Relationship,” and I’m high on it.


Journalist: Is it true you have sex for ten hours?

Steve: No comment.

Tony: [silently]



Steve: Oh, my God, we almost nearly got killed.

Tony: Thank you for pointing out something I wouldn’t have noticed by myself. You’re a benefit to have.


[Tony walks over to Steve at the park]

Steve: Where’s Bucky?

Tony: [points to person beside him confused] He’s right here.

Steve: …that’s not Bucky.

Tony: [turns to burnette beside him frowning] What’s wrong with you? Didn’t your mom ever tell you not to go off with strangers? 

Steve: What’s wrong with you?! You couldn’t tell you had a whole different person?!

Steve: [runs to where Tony came from calling] BUCKY!?


Steve: When’s the last time anything went according to plan?

Tony: I don’t think there was a last time.


Bucky: So, basically, Tony ignores whatever you say and then does some random shit for no reason?

Steve: Yes, that about sums it up.


Tony: I didn’t lie to you.

Steve: Yes, you did.

Tony: I would describe it as….strategic – no – truthing.


Steve: Ok, do you ever have clothes on?
Tony: I’m not so uptight about nudity.

This is not about nudity, okay? This is– This is about decency. It is about privacy.

If you were so concerned with privacy and decency, why did you look?

I did not.

Yes, you did. You looked then and you’re looking now.