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Tony: Oh no, it’s too hot! I’m dying from the heat! Too hot!

Steve: You can’t do this every time I dress up.

Tony: Watch me.

Should’ve posted this one on time lol

Should’ve posted this one on time lol

Steve: Just promise me that you won’t do anything stupid.

Tony: You know I can never promise you that.

Steve: It was worth a shot.

Tony: I ain’t talking.

Bucky: [sharpens his knive] I got ways of making people talk.

[Bucky cuts a piece of cake]

Tony: Can I have some?

Bucky: Cake is for talkers.

did she really say that though lol

Tony: What’s your type?

Steve: People who look like you.

Tony: Who looks like me then?

Steve: You could win a medal for being oblivious.

Loki: I have invited you here because I desire to play the deadliest game.

Tony: Knife monopoly.

Loki: … Actually I was going to hunt you for sport, but now I’m interested, so please, continue…