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Tony: I’m literally so mad at you right now. There’s nothing you can say that will make me forgive you.

Peter: But, Mr. Stark…

Tony: Okay, I forgive you, kid.



Tony: Where’s Morgan?

Nebula: Doing stuff.

Tony: I don’t like the sound of that. Where’s Peter?

Nebula: Trying to stop Morgan from doing the stuff.

Tony: What? Then where’s Harley?

Nebula: Trying to stop Peter from stopping Morgan from doing the stuff.

Tony: And what are you doing?

Nebula: Stopping you from stoping Harley from stopping Peter from stopping Morgan from doing the stuff.



Loki: Listen, beach, we got a problem here and-

Tony: Loki, what did you just say? 

Loki: … Beach?

Tony: Uh huh… And uh… How much time have you been spending with Peter?

Loki: Actually, I was watching make-up videos on youtube. I could give you cat-eye sharp enough to cut glass if you want.


Peter: Dad… About M.I.T…

Assistant: Mr. Stark, the guests are waiting.

Tony: Let them wait! I’m talking to my son.


Peter: Mr. Stark, I can explain everything!

Tony: Can you, kid? Can you?

Peter: Well…no, sir, not really…


Tony: That’s it! You’re all grounded.

Tony: Harley, no computer for you.

Tony: Peter, no seeing Ned.

Tony: And Nebula… Is there anything you love?

Nebula: Revenge.

Tony: No vengeance for you.

Nebula: I was gonna say I’ll get you for this, but I guess that’s off the table.


Peter: Mr Stark, what is the phobia of chainsaws called?                

Tony: Common sense.


Tony: Did you have a plan?

Peter: I thought the adrenaline would kick in but it did not.

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Superhusbands fest [4/?]

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