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I love him so much, but I think I’m going to d…

I love him so much, but I think I’m going to draw a mustache on his face…


Tony: From now on, we will be using codenames. You can address me as Eagle 1.
Tony: Steve is “Been There, Done That”.
Tony: Bucky is “Currently Doing That”.
Tony: T’Challa is “It Happened Once in a Dream”.
Tony: Natasha code name is “If I Had To Pick a Girl”.
Tony: Sam is “Eagle Two”.
Sam: Oh thank God.


Natasha: I hope you have a good explanation for this.

Tony: We have three.

Bucky: Pick your favourite.



Tony(to Bucky):…When we were down in that sewer, all I could think about was you!

Steve: He’s lying, Buck. He was talking about the Ninja Turtles the whole time.

Bucky: C’mon, Steve, we were in a sewer…! He gunsta think about the Turtles!

Tony: Yeah! I gunsta! Quit being such a Malfoy, Steve!

Bucky: Yeah, Steve!



Tony: Hey, you did great on the last getaway, but Steve’s pushing us to do something similar tomorrow. You think you can do that?
Bucky: [scoffs] Can a paring knife remove a human heart in under a minute?
Tony: Yes. I’ve seen it happen.

buckytonys: It’s been seven years Tony, come …


It’s been seven years Tony, come on now bud. Part 16/[?]



Bucky: I’m stone cold. Unbreakable. A true ice prince.

Tony: [smiles]

Bucky: I’m a mess. Someone help.



Bucky: I want to fuck you on the side of the bed tonight.
Tony: Babe, don’t say it like that!
Bucky: I’m sorry, I want to penetrate you on the edge of our sleeping quarters this evening.



Bucky: [while he’s looking at Tony] Well, isn’t my baby so hot?
Steve: He’s not bad.
Bucky: Not bad? What the fuck? He’s the hottest, period.
Steve: Okay, whatever you say.
Bucky: …Did you agree with me?
Steve:  …Buck, please-
Bucky: [glares] He’s mine, back off.



[Bodyguard AU]

Bucky: [about Peter and Harley] Mr. Stark, I will personally make sure your kids are…
[Dum-E tugs his ear]
Bucky: Oh, my God!
Tony: [takes Dum-E away] Sorry, that’s Dummy..
Bucky: He tugged my ear!
Tony: I know. He thinks he’s a guard dog.