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Officiant: Repeat after me, “I, Anthony, take Virginia Potts to be my wife.”

Tony: I, Tony, take Bucky Barnes-

Officiant: What

Pepper: What

Steve: What

Natasha: What

Bruce: What

Bucky: Get me a fucking dress!

Bucky: Hey guys, Tony and I just got back from a fun run.

Tony: Fun run? Hydra’s agents chased us for 16 blocks!

Bucky: Great cardio.




Tony: [appears in Bucky’s field of vision]
Bucky: [internally] My favorite genius has arrived. He’s cute and smart and my favorite. I must greet thim in a manner indicative of my appreciation for his existence.
Bucky: Hey nerd.

Tony: [interanlly] oh gosh the sexy murder kitten! I gotta respond in a super cool, totally flirtatious way.

Tony: Sup.

Tony: [interanlly] nailed it!

This reminds of of a fic except it was Winter, not Bucky

I need more information than that! XD Preferably title or author.

Tony: [looking at sky] This view is so beautiful, right guys?

Steve: [looking at Tony’s ass] Wonderful!

Clint: [looking at Tony’s ass] Totally!

Bucky: [looking at Tony’s ass] Yep.

Bucky: Is it still a murder if I give them a heads up?

Tony: That’s called a threat, Buckster.

Bucky: Fuck…

Tony: [trips and lands into Bucky’s lap] Oh, I’m so sorry.

Bucky: No, it’s okay.

Tony: [snuggling into Bucky’s chest] I’m soooo clumsy…


steve: buck, you just gotta try your best and say it! just confess your love and you’ll be fine!

bucky: if you say so…


tony: *walks into the room*

bucky: *trying his best* I CONFESS MY LOVE FOR YOU KISS ME


tony: *walks back out of the room*

bucky: no bby pls

He panicked…


Tony: So, what do you want to do tonight?

Bucky: World domination.


Tony: Uh, okay… at least let me have an alibi handy.

Bucky: You don’t need one. After all, you’re my world, Tony.

Tony: … 🥰

Tony: WAIT

Clint: [to Steve: Cap, what’s your favorite type of guy?

Steve: [thinking about Tony] My husband.

Clint: [to Bucky] Barnes, what’s your favorite type of guy?

Bucky: Stevie’s husband.