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Tony: *sighing* Perhaps I should just drink my sorrows away.

Tony: *stabs a straw through his Capri Sun*




Stephen: You should stop worrying about Peter and let him lead his own life.



Tony: Do you want to follow him, or should I?

Stephen: Let’s both do it.


Natasha: You look fancy. Got a hot date?

Tony: No, but the guys I’m dating do.

Steve/Bucky/Stephen: *offended noises*


Stephen: Tony… 

[Tony starring at him] 

Tony: [snaps out of his fantasy] Okay I’m back. 

[Stephen goes to put on his shirt] 

Tony: Oh you don’t have to get dressed up for me. 

[Stephen looks at him] 

Tony: Fine. But I liked what I saw.

Steve: [about Stephen] Who’s eggs do you like better, his or mine? Huh?

Tony: Well, I like both eggs equally.

Steve: Oh, come on! Nobody likes two different kinds of eggs equally. You like one better than the other, and I wanna know which.

Tony: Well, what’s the difference? Your eggs aren’t here anymore, are they? You took your eggs and you left. Did you really expect me to never find new eggs?


Tony: hey ste-

Steve and Stephen: *run up to tony* YES!

Tony: ??

Steve: you called

Tony: no I was about to say steady now. Bucky is helping me move things around in the gym

Stephen: so you don’t need me?

Steve: *nudge*

Stephen: us?

Bucky: no. All done. Come on Tony, there’s ice cream in the fridge with our names on it

Tony: sweet~ *walks out the gym with Bucky’s arm around his waist talking about a project*

Bucky: *turns his head to smirk at Steve and Stephen before turning back*

Stephen; wait! Did he just?

Steve: I think he did

Bucky will win, sorry guys, he’s just too good 😂



Stephen: I think I was never so turned on in my life like I was when I saw you putting on your new nanotech suit

Tony: I’m sorry what?

Don’t worry Stephen….I think everyone was a little turned on when that happened

Yep, that was hot.


Like, damn, i would be mad too…

Classic 😂



Stephen handing Tony a steaming cup of tea : Blow

*Tony gets on his knees*


OMG… 😂

Rhodey: [officiating at Tony and Stephen’s wedding] I have watched your childish rivalry turn grow into a childish courtship, and now I am proud to witness that childish courtship blossom into what will undoubtedly be a childish marriage.