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Natasha: What were you doing at Tony’s?

Steve: Well, we had dinner, played some games, and then I spent the night. Oh, you’ll be happy to know that I now have a much better understanding of “friends with benefits.”


Clint: What do you say, Tony?

Tony: I say, Vegas, baby!

Natasha: What are you gonna tell Steve?

Tony: Sea World, baby!


Tony: I’m sorry, Steve. He wins. I can’t resist him.

Steve: Tony, you have to.

Loki: Stay out of this! This is our relationship. He’s my man and we have something twisted and beautiful. Oh… you want Tony. That’s what this is all about.

Steve: No, that’s insane…. fine, I had one dream, but no, no.


Steve: Okay, so does everyone know what they’re doing?

Tony: Are you talking about the run through or in general?

Steve: The run through.

Tony: [sighs in relief]


Natasha: I know that. But to be fair, I’ve spent nine months helping Laura get ready for this baby, and Clint spent five minutes conceiving it. And I’m being generous.

Steve: [to Tony] Five minutes? We must be doing it wrong. It took us hours.

Tony: [smiles]



Bucky: Just act mature.

Steve: Okay.

[later on a date]

Tony: So what do you do for fun?

Steve: My taxes.

Bucky: [spying on them] What the hell?


Steve: My motto is: Have faith.

Tony: And mine is: Have explosives.



Bruce: what do you feel like for breakfast?

Tony: I feel like having a strong gorgeous man hold me down and eat me out

Bruce: that’s not-

Steve and Bucky: *come running into the kitchen fighting over who’s gonna get to Tony first*

Bucky: Im stronger

Steve: no I am

Clark: *flies in, picks up Tony* clearly he’s talking about me *flies off*

Steve: *growls* patriotic bastard.

Bruce and Bucky: *stare at Steve with raised eyebrows*

So, what’s the name of this ship? Superiron or what?


Tony: I’m always right about these things.

Bucky: No, you’re not. Last week you thought Steve was trying to kill you.

Tony: Well, I’m sorry, but it’s hard to believe that someone would tell a story that dull just to tell it.


Steve: You have to go with me to talk to Rhodes. I want to tell him in person.

Tony: Tell him what?

Steve: That we have to get married.

Tony: What?

Steve: It’s the only way God will forgive us!

Tony: Oh my God, Steven, I only gave you a blow job!