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Clint: I’m the most responsible Avenger.

Tony: You literally just set the kitchen on fire.

Clint: Yes, and I take responsibility for that.


Pepper: I try getting her to say “mama” for a year and nothing, but Tony says “fuck” just once and Morgan won’t stop repeating it.

Tony: You just lack my natural charisma.


Tony: I promised Steve we wouldn’t do anything stupid.

Clint: Why would you lie to your husband like that?


Steve: Gather around, we have a problem.

Tony: What? The fire?

Steve: No, the- wait, there’s a fire?

Tony: Never mind, this sounds more interesting.


Tony: An Iron Man emoji? That’s it. I’m speaking to a copyright lawyer today.


Tony: That was Pete’s school calling. Apparently, he’s been using some very creative language today.

Loki: Oh. Do tell.

Tony: Well, he called his math homework a “cluster duck” and his teacher a “mother flunker.”

LLoki: Did he not call anyone a “sock sucker”? What? It’s just someone who sucks socks.

Tony: I can’t believe you’re teaching my son loophole swear words.

Loki: In my defense, “mother flunker” was entirely the little deviant’s creation. And very clever of him, I might add.


Loki: Isn’t it time we kissed and made up?

Tony: Or I could just rip your face off?


Steve: What’s your sign?

Tony: Dollar.


Tony: Didn’t you get my text?

Steve: What? You mean the string of nonsensical emojis?


Rhodey: What happened there, Tones? Hit another bridge whilst flying?

Tony: That happened one time, Rhodey.