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Tony: So, what are your goals?

Clint: I’ve been banned from every major city’s public transportation system except Melbourne, Australia. I don’t know what their limit is but I will fucking find it.

Clint: I love pizza!

Tony: Me too.

Clint: Well, I guess we should make out then!

Tony: [looking at sky] This view is so beautiful, right guys?

Steve: [looking at Tony’s ass] Wonderful!

Clint: [looking at Tony’s ass] Totally!

Bucky: [looking at Tony’s ass] Yep.

Tony: I noticed we have slowly started to phase the ‘B’ out of our bromance.

Clint: [proposing] I mean yeah, I guess that’s one way of putting it.

Clint: Will you marry me?

Tony: Is that a ring pop?

Clint: Is that a no?

Clint: I’m the most responsible Avenger.

Tony: You literally just set the kitchen on fire.

Clint: Yes, and I take responsibility for that.




Bucky: Steve, I have a crush… On Tony.

Steve: Same.

Bucky: …What?

Clint: Get with the times, Barnes. Everybody has a crush on Stark.

God wouldn’t it be perfect if Clint and Laura did that stupid celebrity list of people your allowed to sleep with and Tony was on Clint’s?

“It’s not going to happen Clint.”

“But it could Laura! It. Could.”

Someone needs to find the William Brandt’s “Next time I get to seduce the rich guy” gif