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Tony: What are you doing?

Peter: [spreading toothpaste on toast] I’m multitasking.


really liked the concept of peter sitting on the ceiling when sulking
(and of course tony has to try and make the kid come down somehow)

inspired by this

Omg… 😂

Morgan: [starts screaming at 3AM]

Pepper: [half-asleep] Your turn.

Tony: Ugh, fine…

Tony: [starts screaming]

Peter: Oh fiddle sticks! Oh diddly gee golly gosh goldarnit! That really ruffles my feathers! Really dills my pickle!

Tony: [crying in the corner] Please, just say F U C K…

Peter: [to Thanos] You…you…you rude person!

Thanos: …

Tony: [drily] Go easy on him, Kid.


Peter: So tell me, when exactly will I be allowed to hang out with Wade?
Tony: When I’m dead. Plus three days, just to make sure I’m dead.

Maybe I should pursue a degree in Divination?