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I will tell you a story


I loved the part of Endgame where Tony Stark lived and got a cool bionic arm, and then retired to spend the rest of his life happily with his family. 


i am iron man


Together with the amazing @hello-shellhead ,I bring you a Tony collab piece. Shellhead draws the best Tony and I love their art and if you haven’t seen it yet absolutely check it out.


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2008- ∞


I was gonna draw the dramatic endgame snapping scene, but then the hand didn’t fit into the drawing lol fail.
So here, have an emotional ironman portrait of.. the moment right before the snapping. Yep. This was all planned.


Did this for my friend’s birthday. I still don’t understand how I did it! 😀




Or does he?!?


“Tony used to wear braces,” Rhodey says casually.

“No,” Tony immediately follows up. He turns to glare at everyone else in the room, a dark promise in his eyes. “None of you are allowed to ask for pictures.”

“He had this gap between his front teeth,” Rhodey continues like Tony never spoke, “and I guess his dad didn’t like it because he wore them for a while.”

“I didn’t like the gap either–”

“He didn’t like it either,” Rhodey amends. “He looked pretty cute–in the little brother sort of way–with them on, though. JARVIS, a picture, please? From my albums.”

“Jay, do not throw up a picture–”

The show on the TV is paused and then fades away to make room for a picture of a 16-year-old Tony, smiling with a mouthful of what looked to be like traintracks. “I mean, yeah, they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as the braces today, but you look at that–” Rhodey gestures towards the screen– “and you tell me it doesn’t awaken every protective instinct in you.”

“Oh my god,” Steve squeaks from the side, “it does make me want to wrap him in a blanket and protect him forever.” There are murmurs of agreement from around the room.

Stop,” Tony groans.

Rhodey sighs, sounding regretful on the others’ behalf. “You guys should’ve seen him with his glasses. Those lenses could’ve stopped a bullet. Seriously. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures.”

Tony breathes out in relief.

Rhodey grins. “Or do I?”


Inktober (not really) day 5: Death

“Death ends a life, not a relationship” – Mitch Albom


What? Why isn’t this an ink drawing, Koko? Since, you know, it’s inktober. LOL

Well, today is one of my friends’ birthday and since I’m poor as rocks, I just throw fanarts at them when the occasion requires it xD.

She’s been head over heels with the Starks since she watched Endgame, so here’s a fanart of Tony and adult Morgan as the new Iron Man, for her 💖


English translation:

“I hope you’re proud of me dad, wherever you are.”

“More than you can believe, kid.”