Category: clint x tony

Tony: So, what are your goals?

Clint: I’ve been banned from every major city’s public transportation system except Melbourne, Australia. I don’t know what their limit is but I will fucking find it.

Clint: I love pizza!

Tony: Me too.

Clint: Well, I guess we should make out then!

Tony: I noticed we have slowly started to phase the ‘B’ out of our bromance.

Clint: [proposing] I mean yeah, I guess that’s one way of putting it.

Clint: Will you marry me?

Tony: Is that a ring pop?

Clint: Is that a no?

Clint: I’m the most responsible Avenger.

Tony: You literally just set the kitchen on fire.

Clint: Yes, and I take responsibility for that.

Clint: I’m pranking Scott

for April Fool’s Day.

Tony: It’s November.

Clint: Yeah, exactly! April’s when people expect to be pranked, but if I do it today – WHAMO! It’s like a baby with a mustache you don’t see coming.

Bucky: Steve, I have a crush… On Tony.

Steve: Same.

Bucky: …What?

Clint: Get with the times, Barnes. Everybody has a crush on Stark.