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Clint: I’m the most responsible Avenger.

Tony: You literally just set the kitchen on fire.

Clint: Yes, and I take responsibility for that.


Tony: I promised Steve we wouldn’t do anything stupid.

Clint: Why would you lie to your husband like that?


Tony: No, don’t do that, that’s a stupid idea!

Steve: No, it’s a fantastic idea. Come on, live a little!

Clint: [to Natasha] So… They’ve been body-swapped?


Clint: I’m pranking Scott

for April Fool’s Day.

Tony: It’s November.

Clint: Yeah, exactly! April’s when people expect to be pranked, but if I do it today – WHAMO! It’s like a baby with a mustache you don’t see coming.


Natasha: [looking at her phone] Oh, it’s Clint. He says Steve’s drunk and they’re gonna do karaoke if we want to join them.

Natasha: That sounds fun.

Tony: Oh, no. Steve’s drunk texting me.

Bruce: What’s it say?

Tony: "Would you like to sing karaoke with us.“

Bruce: How is that a drunk text?

Tony: He used a period instead of a question mark. He’s so wasted.


Bucky: Steve, I have a crush… On Tony.

Steve: Same.

Bucky: …What?

Clint: Get with the times, Barnes. Everybody has a crush on Stark.


Clint: I wanna watch Entertainment Tonight.

Tony: Tough. We’re watching Predators of the Serengeti.

Steve: Would you guys stop! 

Clint: [changes channel]

Tony: Quit it! 

Clint: Bite me! 

Tony: Clint keeps changing the channel!

Clint: That’s great! Why don’t you tell Mommy on me?! 

Steve: Now I’m Mommy in this little play? Look, I refuse to get sucked into this weird little kids dimension thing, okay? So I’m gonna go take a nice long hot bubble bath because you kids are driving me crazy!


Bucky: We would be awesome together.

Tony: Aren’t we already?

Natasha: [to Clint] Like us, they are perfectly matched.


Tony: Welcome home! I made your favourite!

Clint: Oh, god…

Tony: Take-away pizza!

Clint: Oh, thank god.