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I know I’m a marvel fan and all- but I’m not buying tickets to a Thor movie that doesn’t have Loki in it, sorry not sorry

Did anyone else think that Thor suddenly became weaker in endgame? He was still worthy, and five years is basically nothing in God-time, so why couldn’t he kill a gauntlet-less Thanos? Seems it was only because the Russos wanted Cap and Tony to have the best scenes as they were leaving but it’s still wrong in my opinion.

Thor was just standing there as everyone he knows saw the people that they loved come back to life. WHO THE HELL SIGNED OFF ON THIS.

Thank you for teaching me that making mistakes is okay as long as I’ll try to fix them, and well, just for being the best Iron Man we could ever ask for

Thank you for being badass female role model, I could write more, but it’s not an essay, so, yeah… I

Thank you for teaching me to always try to think positive

Thank you for teaching me that everyone can be a hero, even pipsqueak that never learned how to run away

All of you, thank you for teaching me to never give up and for amazing memories

Okay so the recent Jimmy Kimmel interview with RDJ and Paul Rudd- I loved it but did anyone else feel bad that Paul didn’t get a gift on the show? I kinda felt terrible about it haha