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Tony: Hey, guys, check it out. Pepper sent me the paper.

Natasha: Let’s see it.

Clint: Oh, yeah, that looks good.

Natasha: You make a very attractive couple.

Tony: Yeah, we look great together.

Bucky: We really do.

Steve: Okay.

Tony: Imagine what our kids would look like.

Bucky: We don’t have to imagine.

Steve: I’m marrying him.

Bucky: We’ll see.


Tony: [looking at Bucky] Who’s that guy?

Clint: That’s Barnes.

Tony: He’s handsome.

Clint: He’s dangerous.

Tony: Now he’s even more handsome.


Tony: [glaring at Bucky] Oh, so you think I’m cute when I’m angry? Well, get ready because I’m about to be gorgeous!


Tony: [about Hammer] Can you hit him with your knife?

Bucky: I believe the technical term is ‘stab’, Doll.


Sam: [about Tony]  Why does he always look like he’s walking in slow-mo?

Bucky: You see it too?

Sam: And he always looks disheveled, but not too disheveled.

Bucky: Right? He’s the reason I believe in God.


Tony: Okay. Now I’m scared.

Natasha: It’s okay, I’m here.

Bucky: Nat, you’re what’s scaring us.


Tony: Will you stick that gun in your holster?

Bucky: I can plug an ace of hearts at fifty feet.


I’ll remember that if we’re ever attacked by a bridge club.


Bucky: You really don’t listen, do you?

Tony: No, I try not to. I find it distracting.


Tony: Stop it.

Bucky: Stop what?


Stop looking at me like that, or everyone here will think we did it.

[Bucky kisses him]


Well. That’ll throw them off the track.