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Tony: Is that a gremlin?

Steve: Tony, that’s Clint!

Tony: Whatever. Just nobody feed that thing after midnight.

[Steve and Tony are making out in a broom closet]

Steve: Hold on, someone’s coming!

[they keep very quiet until the footsteps fade and then they continue making out]

[in the corridor]

Clint: They still think we don’t know, don’t they?

Natasha: Yes. Yes, they do.

Peter: Mr. Stark, if humans can’t see air but can see water…

Tony: Yes?

Peter: Does that mean fish can see air but can’t see water?

Tony: …

Peter: …

Tony: … Fuck.

Tony: [points at Loki] Thor, you left us in the hands of HIM! [to Loki] No offense.

Loki: No, I’m with you.

Police officer: You have the right to remain silent.

Tony: Yeah, but do I have the ability?

Rhodes: Tones, please…

Steve: Your smile? It makes my day.

Tony: Your happiness? I live for that.

Rhodey: A room? Fucking get one.

Tony: Knock, knock!

Steve: You know you can actually knock instead of saying it?

Tony: Yes, but that wouldn’t let you appreciate my voice.

Bucky: I personally find Tony adorable and very small, not to mention very easy to pick up!

Tony: [squirming in his arms, feet several inches above the ground] Just because I’m shorter than you doesn’t mean you can make fun of my height!

Bucky: [starts swaying him back and forth] Aww! Aren’t you just adorable?!

Clint: Will you marry me?

Tony: Is that a ring pop?

Clint: Is that a no?

Bucky: I’ve been keeping an eye on Tony.

Sam: You mean stalking him.

Bucky: The language of most stalking laws is pretty vague. I like to think of myself more as a guardian angel.