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Natasha: So how’d it go down between you and Ross?

Tony: I made an impromptu presentation using a four-prong approach which really brought him to his knees.

Natasha: You hit him with a chair?

Tony: Yes.

Steve: I have a bad feeling about this…..

Tony: Wait, what do you mean?

Steve: You don’t have that little voice in your head that tells you that you might be in trouble?

Tony: No?

Steve: You know what… That actually makes so much sense.

Stephen: You should stop worrying about Peter and let him lead his own life.



Tony: Do you want to follow him, or should I?

Stephen: Let’s both do it.

Tony: They say that Disney World is the “happiest place on earth”. Obviously, they’ve never been in your arms.

Loki: That’s sweet and all, but what’s a Disney World?

[Sam and Steve texting]

Sam: So, are you and Tony going on a date tonight?

Steve: Yeah, we’re gonna bang at the park for a while and go for some ice cream.

Sam: Um, should you not do that somewhere more private?

Steve: HANG!



Sam: I wish I could.

Clint: [to Tony] I dare you-

Pepper: Tony’s not allowed to accept dares.

Clint: Why not?

Tony: [head bowed] I have no regard for my own personal safety.

Natasha: Do you have a crush on Tony?

Steve: No.

Natasha: Does he know you have a crush on him?

Steve: No.

Natasha: [smiles]

Rhodey: You’re cooking?

Tony: Yup!

Rhodey: Are you sure that’s a good idea after last time? You looked really creepy without eyebrows.

Tony: Quill! You’re forcing me to be the voice of reason here, and it’s NOT a good look for me!