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You’ve been busy. And you’ve been a complete idiot. Dragging in Clint, ‘’rescuing" Wanda from a place she doesn’t even want to leave, a safe place.

I knew there was something i didnt like about stark in civil war, especially around this scene. And now it occurs to me its because hes being SUCH a narcissist and i dont think its ever been addressed.

Blaming cap for clint leaving retirement, when he did completely voluntarily. Blaming cap for Wanda leaving a “safe place” whoch was really just her being locked up. Blaming cap for breaking up the avengers when he is doing just as much damage. Completely ignoring how he involved (basically forced and manipulated) a 15 year old kid just to get some man power.

Its always been obvious that the MCU has been more of a Tony Stark & friends show, so weve certainly got a multitude of chances to see starks character rise and fall. But i think the more screen time he gets the less i like him.

I’m not even sorry but that is… such a bad take of this scene, and of Tony in general–he doesn’t even fit any of the criteria for narcissism. And if anything, Steve is the one being arrogant and reckless in this movie, while Tony is the one being the responsible adult by trying to compromise and reason with him. 

I honestly have no idea how you could possibly see Tony in this scene as narcissistic when the only reason he is even at the airport is to protect Steve and the rest of the team’s lives, because Ross was considering sending in a JSOC squad that would shoot if provoked in response to Steve and co’s reckless behaviour and breaking of several international laws. Tony’s sole motivation is to protect his friends. Narcissism where?

Clint may have agreed to help, but Cap is still responsible for pulling him out of retirement. Clint would have never even been here if Cap hadn’t called him and asked for this favour. Cap (along with Clint) is also responsible for Wanda leaving the Compound–which was definitely the safest place for her as an ultra super-powered being living illegally in the U.S. and who had just recently caused civilian casualties in Lagos. 

Wanda was never “locked up” at the Compound: she had access to everything she could want within the state-of-the-art hotel facility. Plus, she had already been there of her own volition and was convinced by Vision to stay there while the Accords were dealt with to avoid any other incidents. Also, did you not see what she did to Vision? You really think she couldn’t have left earlier if she really wanted to? Which obviously she didn’t because she had initially refused to leave with Clint before he basically equated her guilt over the Lagos casualties to a mopey teenager… 

Cap is the one who broke up the Avengers; not Tony. Tony was desperate to keep the team together even if it meant having to make compromises, while Steve left the team because he wasn’t willing to make any compromises. Steve having removed the Avengers “A” symbol from his uniform in the airport scene is a pretty strong indicator of how important the team was to him… 

Tony did not force, manipulate or blackmail Peter. Stop purposely misinterpreting that scene to fit your “Tony Stark is a villain” narrative. And he only recruited Peter because he was given just 36 hours to apprehend Team Cap before Ross sent in a trigger-happy JSOC squad instead. Tony was fearful for his friends’ safety, and he was desperate. He needed someone to assist in non-lethally apprehending Team Cap and wanted to avoid a fight, so Peter and his (non-lethal) spider-webs were the best option, given the limited time Tony was given. 

Well, yeah? Wbk that it’s the TSCU. He’s the face of the franchise and has been carrying it on his back for eleven years straight.