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Tony embracing the destruction his weapons cause // Tony walking away from the destruction

While rewatching Iron Man today I realised something about these parallels. In the first scene, you see Tony embrace the destruction that his weapons bring. He’s proud, too. You can see him extending his hands up- with pride.

The second scene draws an interesting parallel because now that Tony knows, the kind of destruction his work had left, he doesn’t shoot without looking. Interestingly that frames his point about being accountable. He’s seen what blindly shooting leads to- and he’s no longer a fan of that.

Instead of embracing the destruction with pride, now he looks before he shoots. Then, he walks away.

Iron Man (2008) is such a brilliant cinematic piece that even without having to watch a sequel, we see how Tony’s changed in the most simplest of his ways.

The merchant of death has simply vanished and left behind Tony Stark: vulnerable to his faults, and accepting of them.