are there any fanfics out there where tony sta…

are there any fanfics out there where tony stark is your father? I find a lot of parental comfort in him (because i’m a guy who never got to grow up with a dad, long story) so if you know any, that’d be great

Do you mean where Tony is a father, anon? I can think of two amazing and incredibly memorable fics. 

One is called Sprout by Trumpeteer34. It’s incredibly crafted and there’s lots of appearances by all the original Avengers, but the main focus is on Tony. One of my favorite stories in any fandom, but fair warning – it’s a really long story! 

Another was called Blue by intangile_girl but this one, I thought, was a bit more heartwrenching. Both can be found on ao3. If anyone else has any recs, please let us know! Thank you!