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No but… other than this being hilarious and Tony’s way of deflecting in that rude perfect asshole way of his, but his immune system is probably hella compromised in this scene? Bro has severe metal poisoning??? Like, he’s being honest in that weird Tony way of his.

Yes, he’s not lying; he IS dying. That’s truly what makes the first part of Iron Man 2 special (that lovable mess of a movie), and it irks me when some people think Tony is just being his normal snarky-ass self when he actually is feeling extremely ill, knows he’s DYING, and is covering all that up and deflecting his friends – and maintains that fragile cover until he can’t any more (when Rhodey finally sees him ill and suffering).

The scene on the plane with Pepper, after Monte Carlo – when he wants so badly NOT to go home, and to just go to Venice with her, because he has so little time left – is heartbreaking.